The Good Karma Effect

"Collaborative problem solving empowers everyone to connect and contribute, improving the efficiency and impact of the community, and the experience of those involved" - Amy Churchouse, Founder

The Good Karma Effect (GKE) is a registered charity that supports the establishment and maintenance of Good Karma Networks (GKNs). These networks empower connected, supportive and sustainable communities through managed Facebook Groups.

Our online communities are safe, location-based spaces for neighbours to establish relationships, share resources and find positive solutions to one another’s challenges.


Creating connected, healthy and sustainable communities by facilitating compassionate human engagement and collaboration.


The Good Karma Effect (GKE) provides the framework and support to enable passionate community members to facilitate positive outcomes through Good Karma Networks.
What is a Good Karma Network (GKN): The tool for accomplishing the mission of the Good Karma Effect. They are location based, safe, online space for neighbours to connect, share resources and find positive solutions to each other’s challenges. 


1. Collaboration
Supporting others in times of challenge. Working together, everything can be better.
2. Compassion & Empathy

Everyone is struggling with something. Gaining understanding develops insight, reduces conflict and offers opportunities.
3. Positivity
A simple way to help everyone to have a better day.
4. Empowerment & Action

Everyone has the ability to make a difference. 
5. Unity & Inclusion

All members of our community have something positive to offer and are valued for their participation.
6. Openness

Open minds can discover new opportunities and create new solutions. 

Our Culture of Compassion

The Culture of the Good Karma Effect ensures that our GKNs are safe and accessible online communities and that all community members are embraced and empowered. The values of the Good Karma Effect, our GKN community guidelines and the way our communities are supported by their GKN Guardians (administrators) facilitate our culture. 

Where we started

In 2016, the Kensington Good Karma Network (KGKN) Facebook Group was set up to connect neighbours so they could help each other with challenges they were facing.

When people started asking for help and finding solutions to all sorts of problems the KGKN grew. With positive interactions due to guidelines that didn’t allow negativity, the KGKN grew. With connection, collaboration, and compassion, the KGKN grew. At the beginning of 2017, people from around the country had heard about the experience people were having in Kensington and decided that they also wanted GKNs in their suburbs and the family of GKNs began to grow.  Good Karma Networks have been started in 5 states of Australia and provide a platform for community members to contribute positively to each others lives. People can reach out to ask for help, advice or household items to prevent them going to landfill, share local community events and even simply to share positive experiences they've had in the neighbourhoods.

Today we've become

The Good Karma Effect (GKE) was incorporated and registered as charity in 2018 as the umbrella organisation that supports the growing community of Good Karma Network Facebook groups and the passionate volunteer administrators (GKN Guardians) that work hard with the members to keep the groups safe, positive, relevant and helpful.

The GKE connects all of the GKN Guardians and provides resources, training and support to assist with the establishment and maintenance of the GKNs, which empower connected, supportive and sustainable communities.

Our networks are safe, location-based spaces for neighbours to establish relationships, share resources and find positive solutions to one another’s challenges.

Every day thousands of people are asking for help and giving others the opportunity to make a difference with whatever they have to offer. The GKNs make it possible for people to be able to feel safe to ask for help. And they allow us to realise that we can actually make a difference, by responding to those requests for help.

Good Karma Effect