Our Guardians

Facebook group administrators

Engaged and compassionate Guardians are an essential element for the success of our Good Karma Networks. Each group has a team of volunteers who launch it, establish the GKE culture, facilitate and support member engagement and ensure that it remains a positive and safe online community. They work with members to maintain positive, solution-focused interactions in their GKN and relevant, local and helpful content.

Like those who join GKNs, Guardians are also passionate community members who volunteer their time to facilitate that the GKN community guidelines are understood and that the group is positively contributing to the lives of it's members.

Our Guardians receive training, resources and support from the GKE to build their capacity as confident online community managers, and work together across all of the GKNs to share information, knowledge and solutions empowering each other with the depth and diversity of their combined experience.

More contributors to the Good Karma Effect

Amy Churchouse

Founder and volunteer CEO
Amy Churchouse founded the Good Karma Effect in 2018 of to support the number of Good Karma Networks emerging and growing. 

Hugh Mackay

Social researcher, author and our Patron
Hugh Mackay is a social researcher and bestselling author of 19 books, including The Good Life, The Art of Belonging and Australia Reimagined, which features our Good Karma Networks.

Our Members

Locals who help each other
Our members are the amazing people who reach out for help on Good Karma Networks and those who respond to their requests.

Good Karma Effect