Good Karma Networks

"We have a lovely little community, and it's great to see people sharing information and resources, wasting less, caring about each other, and as a group appreciating the lovely pocket we live in."

Good Karma Networks (GKNs) are designed to be a safe online place where people can ask for help from their neighbours. They are area specific Facebook groups that provide the opportunity for people to share their knowledge, skills, experience and resources to help finding solutions to each others challenges.

What you can do on your GKE Network?

Our Culture of Compassion

The Culture of the Good Karma Effect ensures that our GKNs are safe and accessible online communities and that all community members are embraced and empowered. The values of the Good Karma Effect, our GKN community guidelines and the way our communities are supported by their GKN Guardians (administrators) facilitate our culture. 

The priorities of the GKE that underpin our culture - We are:

Solution focused - We all aim to find solutions to any challenge presented by our members. 

Positive - Negative contributions do not help our members to feel good or solve their problems so these are not welcome. 

Non-judgmental - All members are living different lives in different circumstances and therefore have different needs. We don’t judge anyone, the requests they make, the solutions they offer or what they choose is best for them.

Non-transactional - We give and receive with no expectations of anything in return. 

Collectively responsible - Everyone is responsible for keeping our GKNs true to purpose and their content inline with our community guidelines.

Personally responsible - Each member is responsible for their contributions, their decisions and always engage with the best intentions.

Good Karma Networks value all of the individuals in our communities for the opportunities that they offer for enhancing our ability to help people. When we embrace diversity, we enable greater possibilities, learn more and gain access to many more potential solutions. All of our members are expected to understand the purpose of our groups, engage inline with our community guidelines and work with us and other members to find solutions and facilitate positive change.

In order to ensure that our GKNs remain safe, positive, relevant and helpful have no tolerance for judgement or discrimination of any kind, and we work with our members to maintain this culture. It's is important that everyone feels safe to ask for help, and that their requests, their solutions, the language they use, their decisions, or lives are not going to be judged openly in our GKNs. Any posts or comments that pass judgement on another member, or their post or comment are not inline with our culture and will be removed.

Growth of Our Largest GKNs

This graph shows the growth of the first 4 GKNs in Victoria, since the incorporation of the Good Karma Effect in 2018. These networks have continued to facilitate positive experiences and outcomes for their communities, in turn growing rapidly as a result of people sharing their stories with neighbours.

Growth of Our GKNs

The first GKN to be inspired by the Kensington GKN at the beginning of 2017, was Taroona (TAS), soon to be followed by Northcote, Coburg and Ascot Vale (VIC). This graph shows the growth of the majority of our GKNs since the Good Karma Effect was incorporated in 2018. (Please see other graph for the largest GKNs, 2020)

Good Karma Effect