Our Impact

"There's so many flow on effects... Whether it's helping someone in need, stopping something going to landfill, giving someone advice they can't find on google. It's a really great community."

Good Karma Networks build connected, healthy and sustainable communities.

The impact and opportunities that Good Karma Networks create for their communities is evident through the positive outcomes we see and the experiences that our members have as a result of connecting with each other in them.

Read on to find out about the positive impact Good Karma Networks are having in their neighbourhoods.

What do GKN members say?

I’ve met some good friends through the network now. There’s a book club, trivia, singing, walking, running, knitting, and bread baking group that I know of.

Richmond GKN

Since joining BGKN, I have felt so supported by the kindness of strangers who have not only provided us with help and advise when we needed it most, but have also introduced us to so many things in our local community.

Brunswick GKN

Our GKN makes me remember the good in the world and how lucky I am to be a part of a such a generous, warm and supportive community.

Richmond GKN

Being a part of the GKN makes me feel safe. I know someone will always be there to help if I need with anything.

Brunswick GKN


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