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"The work that has been put into establishing networks by the GKE has led to a great structure to kick off with, detailed resources and lots of advice." Jacqui - GKN Founder

Starting a GKN with the Good Karma Effect (GKE) enables you to connect and engage with your community in a way that empowers many positive outcomes for both individuals (see our stories) and the community as a whole (see our impact), while also becoming a part of the broader Good Karma Effect team as one of our Guardians (Facebook GKN group administrators).

Guardian Testimonials

As a result of being a part of the my GKN Guardian team I have grown skills in having difficult conversations in the kindest ways possible for people across the spectrum of society

Ana Navidad
Taroona GKN

The GKN guidelines are fantastic and the national team of GKN Guardians really helps when there is an issue that is open to interpretation. It's a very supportive group.

Nadia Mahjouri
South Hobart GKN

It's great to have the support from Amy, the other Guardians in our network and in the broader Good Karma Effect team.

Kelly Madden
West Hobart GKN

I’ve become more aware of the diversity within our community and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the way the group has brought out the good in people. I really feel like I’m doing something concrete towards making our community a kinder, more inclusive place

Sabina Heggie
Kirribilli GKN

Looking after our GKN is very rewarding because everyday there are so many positive interactions facilitated.

Chris Brosche
Glenroy GKN

Create a supportive online community for your local area.

What is a Good Karma Network?

Good Karma Networks (GKNs) provide your local neighbourhood community with the opportunity to connect and work together to find solutions to challenges.  Our networks are location based, safe, online space for neighbours to connect, share resources and solve each others problems

There might be a Good Karma Network closer than you think, check out our find a network page for all our local networks.

How is it different from other online communities? 

Our values, community guidelines and culture of compassion differentiate us from other Facebook communities. Our model is all about empowering community members to take ownership and responsibility for the group, upholding the Good Karma Effect's values and intentions. More than 50 GKNs have been inspired since the first in 2016, so our model has been tried and tested. 

What is a GKN Guardian? 

Our Guardians are behind the success of each of our Good Karma Network. Each local Network has a team of Guardians, who volunteer their time to watch over their online community. They work to create a positive, safe and inclusive online space by working with their community members so that each network upholds our values. Our GKN Guardians ensure that our networks are helpful, positive and relevant for our members, and work together in teams to facilitate access to the groups (in accordance with our membership criteria) and engagement between members.
Providing a safe and supportive environment for everyone, regardless of their demographic, is our number one priority

What support is there for Guardians creating a new group? 

We have the tools to enable you to create a local Facebook group with a positive difference. We have developed a framework with a clear purpose, community guidelines, and values. We also have a set of agreed principles for working together to optimise everyone's experience, within and between networks.

Across all of our groups, we have more than 110 Guardians who are connected with each other to work together and share experiences, challenges, solutions and successes. Not only do you have the support of your fellow Guardians, but there are also resources, training and events provided by the Good Karma Effect.

What needs to be considered when starting a GKN?

Each neighbourhood is different which means that prior to starting a GKN, your team will need to explore the community to see what already exists that you might be able to work with to increase the chances of success for your GKN.

Through our model, each Network has a team of guardians who work to grow their group, maintain the Good Karma Network values and help members to embrace the culture. 

Guardians work as admins of the Facebook group managing memberships, ensuring every new member knows the ethos and guidelines for interacting within the group. Their guidance facilitates compassionate engagement so that our members feel safe and supported.

Our guardians are passionate community members who engage and inspire members of their community in order to create a vibrant solution focused environment in our GKNs.

What are the steps for creating a Good Karma Network for your local community? 

Once you've connected with us, the following steps have been designed to empower you and your GKN to be the most successful it can be. It takes work to establish a successful online community, but being connected with the other GKNs and their Guardians, as well as being supported by the GKE makes the process easier, more efficient and impactful. Everything is better when we are working together.

  1. Independent exploration phase - Prior to getting started it's important to spend time exploring your community, connect with existing networks and individuals, build a diverse team and make a plan for the successful launch and growth of your GKN.
  1. Understand our GKE Alignment Policy and Modus Operandi - This helps us to be connect and be consistent across our GKNs. Our GKE Modus Operandi outlines the way that we work together with our teams, our members and across our organisation .
  1. Training and empowerment - We will provide you with resources for building your capacity for online community management and facilitation prior to getting started. Once your team is ready, your GKN will be created by the GKE, while you are becoming familiar with the nuances of the model and community management in Good Karma Networks. 
  1. Launch - You, your team and your community champions introduce your GKN to the community and work with them to develop a positive culture and engagement that facilitates/creates a safe place to ask for help from your neighbours.
  1. Maintenance and sustainability - Work with your members to support each other and explore the potential of Human Connection for creating positive outcomes for your community.  

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