Our People

"I've met many different people with different circumstances and it’s made me feel a part of the community by bringing us together to help one another."

The Potential of Human Connection is phenomenal. It builds resilience, helps people to feel like they belong and enables them to be able to contribute. It makes life easier and more enjoyable.

The Good Karma Effect was founded on the principle 'working together, we all do better'.
The success of the movement and the positive impacts that have been achieved in our networks are a direct result of the generous voluntary contributions of all of the people who have participated in the Good Karma Effect and it's GKNs.

Read more here about the people who are contributing to the Good Karma Effect.

Amy Churchouse

Founder and volunteer CEO
Amy Churchouse founded the Good Karma Effect in 2018 of to support the number of Good Karma Networks emerging and growing. 

Hugh Mackay

Social researcher, author and our Patron
Hugh Mackay is a social researcher and bestselling author of 19 books, including The Good Life, The Art of Belonging and Australia Reimagined, which features our Good Karma Networks.

Our Guardians

Facebook group administrators
Our Guardians (Facebook group administrators) support our members to facilitate positive outcomes on Good Karma Networks.

Our Members

Locals who help each other
Our members are the amazing people who reach out for help on Good Karma Networks and those who respond to their requests.

Good Karma Effect