GKE Alignment Policy

All GKNs that are connected through and working with the Good Karma Effect are united by our Alignment Policy.

GKE Alignment Policy


1. Good Karma Effect Ltd (GKE) was set up to support the volunteer administrators (Guardians) of Good Karma Networks (GKNs) to start, grow, and maintain their networks. GKE aims to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, skills, experience and resources to help with finding solutions to challenges.  We develop a solution focused culture with positive engagement within and between GKNs. 

2. The GKN model has been designed to provide a safe online space for people to connect with their neighbours and ask for help. GKNs are governed by this purpose and supported by a set of guidelines that outlines the permitted use of and inclusions for the group newsfeed. 

3. GKE’s empowerment model provides members and Guardians with the freedom and responsibility of engaging with and facilitating their community in the best way they see fit. The Guardians are also given the responsibility for engaging with and maintaining their community in line with the ethos and values of the GKE.



4. The purpose of this policy is to outline the key factors that underpin the GKE approach to supporting the development and maintenance of individual Good Karma Networks.  

5. All GKNs that are connected through the Good Karma Effect agree to align with the ethos and principles of the GKE. GKNs will work together to maintain a consistent message about our GKNs, our purpose (to help neighbours help each other), and a culture that supports our members to engage with each other in a positive manner to solve problems.    



6. The GKE model has been developed to facilitate positive engagement and outcomes through Good Karma Networks. GKNs who are connected through GKE are guided by the following:

a. The GKN Empowerment Model: The clear primary purpose of GKNs is to be a safe* online space for neighbours to ask for help from each other. Safe means free from judgement and negativity, and where people feel comfortable to share their challenges (of any size or type) without fear of negative responses from other members.

b. The GKE Culture and Values: These prioritise human connection and wellbeing. They are aimed at facilitating understanding, cohesion, collaboration, collective responsibility for the GKN, and members’ personal responsibility for their engagement.

c. The GKN Guidelines: These have been developed to ensure that the content of GKNs remains relevant, positive and helpful for their members and to guide the members as to acceptable posting and conduct requirements. They support the purpose of GKNs and facilitate that neighbours are able to positively contribute to each other's lives. 

d. The GKN Guardian Modus Operandi: This outlines the way that our Guardians engage with each other and their members within the networks.

e. GKE management recommendations: This is an evolving project and our team contributes to these as Facebook features change, issues arise and situations change. All of our recommendations are aimed to ensure that our processes are as efficient and effective as possible and facilitate the maximum positive impact while also minimising potential challenges. 



7. GKNs differ in some respects from each other due to variable factors such as geography, demographics, numbers, etc, however should align with all other aspects of the GKE framework. 

8. When you are aligned with and connected through the Good Karma Effect your team will: 

a. Become a part of the broader network of Good Karma Effect GKNs that work together and collaborate to improve the experience of their members and Guardian teams. 

b. Gain access to the GKN Guardians group for collaborative guidance and support.

c. Gain access to the resources and support made available by the Good Karma Effect.

d. Have your network placed on the GKE website to be found by potential members who hear about GKNs elsewhere and want to join yours.

e. Be authorised to use the GKE logo to indicate your affiliation with Good Karma Effect.

f. Gain access to join other GKNs to work with and learn from other GKN Guardians. 

9. When starting GKN connected with the GKE, the GKN will be set up by the GKE following your participation in the Exploration phase, during which you will establish connections within your community, a diverse Guardian/administrative team of at least 3 community members and a plan for launching and growing your GKN.

10. Updates to GKE policies, procedures and guidelines will be provided to aligned GKN teams as necessary.



11. While the Good Karma Effect supports all GKN Guardians who are connected to it, we do not control the way that Guardians manage their GKNs and therefore are not responsible for their behaviour or actions, or the outcomes of the interactions that occur in the Good Karma Networks.

12. We intend for all interactions to reflect the values of our organisation and have a positive impact and outcomes, and this expectation is built into all aspects of our organisation. The GKE aims to facilitate positive experiences and outcomes for all involved, at all times.  

13. GKN Guardians endeavour to keep the content, activity and interactions on GKNs as positive as possible. The aim of their role is to establish and maintain a self regulating culture that facilitates positive interactions between members in the group to achieve the purpose of the GKNs. It is recognised, however, that these very valuable online community administrators are volunteers and are not able to attend to or control the information and interactions on the GKNs at all times.

14. The community and individuals within it are empowered to be responsible for delivering content and communications that ideally have a positive impact on other members, but firstly to do no harm. GKN Guardians cannot be responsible for the engagement of members within their GKNs. 

15. Under certain (usually extenuating) circumstances, the GKE may take a clear position and advise all GKNs to take the same position and act accordingly with respect to communicating and engaging with their GKN and members. 

16. The GKE reserves the right to remove any GKN from its connection with the GKE and other GKNs if actions contrary to the GKE framework and recommendations are taken by its administrative team that may have a negative impact on member/s, the GKN or the GKE.  

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