Tara shares how GKNs can help people who aren't members.

January 4, 2021

When Tara Miani’s neighbour came to her asking her for food, she gave her what she could spare and then, with the neighbour’s permission,  posted on the  Brunswick Good Karma Network.

“I received numerous comments [on the post] as well as personal inboxes,” says Tara. "People were really happy to help and when they heard more about her situation all sorts of offers of help were made.

“It is so easy to place a post on the group and communicate with people from the neighbourhood, who offer their assistance.”

Tara, from Brunswick, has been a member of the network for two years, after learning about it from her mother-in-law. Through GKN, she has forged relationships with people who continue to help her when she needs it to this day. Whether it’s a small query - advice on a mould smell in her house - or something much bigger, the network is always there. 

“The community helps one another and makes me want to be more generous,” says Tara. 

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