Lending a spare hand to a hand therapist.

June 28, 2020

We all have something we can use a little help with sometimes, and we are all surrounded by a lot of very kind humans willing to lend a helping hand at the drop of hat - you simply need to ask.

And if a hand therapist - who has no shortage of a spare pair of hands -  asking for help doesn’t exemplify this, then we don’t know what will. The hand therapist, who’s a member of the Heidelberg Good Karma Network, recently asked if there was anybody that had the skills to sew them a pair of scrubs (the hand therapist was able to provide the materials). As they are stationed at a public hospital, the scrubs are an important part of their efforts to avoid contracting COVID-19, maximising their safety and minimising community transmission.  The result? You guessed it, one very happy hand therapist with a brand new set of handsewn scrubs.

A simple ask, keenly met by A LOT of local hands requesting to help.