An opportunity for connected mindfulness in the wake of global change

June 4, 2020

Given the recent changes in lifestyle everyone around the globe has undergone, people are finding new ways to connect with themselves and be more present to help keep stress and anxiety at bay. Yoga and meditation have long been regarded as effective ways of mitigating stress, dealing with anxiety, and enhancing self-awareness, facilitating mindfulness.

In the Northcote Good Karma Network, a member of the community asked for help on to help someone in their life, requesting recommendations for beginner’s yoga, Chi Kung or relaxation sessions. It was met with a variety of options from local councils adapting to change and bringing classes online, to Youtube channels providing a multitude of resources for beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga and meditation. Northcote members suggested a variety of resources available for anyone looking to give yoga or meditation a go and some members even offered personal one-on-one sessions via zoom, providing the opportunity to have a more personal remote experience.

Over in the Clifton Hill group, the theme of personal connection through mindfulness continued, as a group of neighbours offered each other the chance to remotely join in on their morning meditation sessions on their front porches. By livestreaming the experience, they were able to extend the invitation to the whole Clifton Hill group, giving people the chance to connect and practice meditation together online. People were also invited to join in spirit, simply encouraging Clifton HIll members to give it a try on their own. Meditation is a fantastic practice to try whilst coping with the current state of the world around us.

Beautiful view of a man meditating facing the sunset.
Calm found on Good Karma Networks in times of stress.

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