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Amy Churchouse

Amy grew up in Wellington, New Zealand and being fairly outgoing with lots of interests she has explored many different roles and industries. By the age of 30 she had obtained a sport science and psychology degree, and been a fitness instructor, a student politician, a sales consultant, a representative rugby player, a zookeeper, a step mum, an ESL teacher, a house owner, a sales training manager, an international tour guide, and a business owner.

At age 31 she decided to follow her childhood dream of becoming a vet and tried to get into Vet School in NZ. She was successful on her first attempt and after 5 years at Massey University Veterinary School she moved to Australia to start her career as a vet. During her first two years as a new graduate vet, she encountered and witnessed some of the challenges that negatively affect the mental health of vets and contribute to the high suicide rate in this industry, making her even more aware of the suffering that is experienced by many in society, and the lack of support for people who are struggling.

Being a problem solver who takes action to improve things where she can she decided to try and ease the burdens that we experience in everyday life, with the hope of making people’s lives even just a little bit more positive.

Her puzzle was how to make things better when faced with the challenges of the western world and it seems that everything was stacked against her. Few resources. Little time. High stress job. Few connections. Barriers? Or just problems to work around?

Her approach was simply not to respond with “I can’t do anything with all of these limitations”, but rather “What can I do with the limitations that I have? How do I work with the challenges to make this situation better?”. And her response – “What I CAN do is start small, do my best and have no expectations” One of her mottos is “Find a way”.

So she did exactly that. She took action and tried Doing Things Differently, working with the limitations that she had. She wanted to give everyone the opportunity to use what they have to help each other. She designed the Kensington Good Karma Network. And as a result the Good Karma Effect began to flow.

Please contact us if you would like to book Amy to share her story with your organisation. She also consults as a Progress Facilitator, Doing Things Differently. Contact us for further information.

Nerina Papanastasiou

Nerina has a strong belief that it’s community that connects and drives people. Without community engagement, life can feel lonely and disconnected, which may lead to mental health challenges and day-to-day struggles.

Nerina decided to bring the Good Karma Effect into her community of Coburg after recognising a lack of connection and happiness in her neighbourhood. At the local shops, for example, there seemed to be very little interaction and communication between people. Being an avid ‘connector’ herself, Nerina wanted to share the benefits of connecting with her little ‘village’, so in January 2017 she started the Coburg Good Karma Network (CGKN).

Having spent many years in the corporate world as a sales and marketing professional, Nerida’s focus has always been on connecting people and building connections. Her skills proved invaluable for her role as Founder and Guardian of the Coburg GKN.

Over the past four years, Nerina’s career has taken a side-step whilst she cares for her two daughters, Evelyn (3) and baby Maya. Parenthood has brought its own set of challenges, but having an accessible, safe space to ask for help within the CGKN has given Nerina great comfort – as it has for many other new parents in the area. There’s nothing like being stuck at home with a toddler and new baby to make you realise how much you need the help of those around you!

Nerina’s current role within the Good Karma Effect is GKN support, primarily acting as a mentor, working with and assisting GKN Guardians as they face many of the same challenges that she herself faced in the early days of building the Coburg GKN.

Courtney Dorward

Courtney grew up in rural Australia but spent months and years of his childhood living and travelling internationally with his family. Moving from place to place taught him, at a young age, how to connect with new people and build lasting friendships.

With a hunger for learning, Courtney spent his 20s exploring all kinds of employment opportunities, gathering experience in various industries and roles from trades, customer services, technology and banking.

At 25, he started Red Panda Designs, which he used as a creative outlet (learning the ins and outs of digital design and communication), while helping others with their communication needs. Over ten years, the company (his ‘passion project’) has allowed Courtney to connect with businesses around the world, pushing the boundaries of how digital communication can help solve problems.

Courtney has walked a parallel path in his professional career (his ‘day job’). Working in the corporate/finance sector, he relishes the ever-evolving challenge of finding ways to drive deeper, more meaningful digital interactions.

Courtney enjoys the simple things in life and is passionate about living a less complex existence: whether by reducing waste, appreciating a beautiful sunrise, catching up with a mate or finding a simple solution to a complex problem.

Courtney created and runs the Good Karma Effect website and is our resident expert on all things digital.

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