Good Karma Networks

Helping people help each other.

Good Karma Networks are suburb-specific online communities that provide members with the opportunity to connect, collaboratively solve problems and build relationships, therefore breaking down barriers and developing community resilience and resourcefulness.

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With the purpose of being a safe place to ask for help from the community, and a model that removes judgement and negativity, the Good Karma Networks facilitate meaningful connections between neighbours.

Closely managed by trained groups of volunteers, Good Karma Networks are designed to be a safe place for people to ask for help, and allow for neighbours to provide that assistance. Good Karma Networks help people realise they can make a difference in the lives of those who live around them, increasing their desire to engage with each other. Fostering a culture of positivity and compassion, Good Karma Networks use social media to connect people in ways that promote human wellbeing.

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Principles of the Good Karma Network

Connection, Compassion and Collaboration

Solution focused collaborative problem solving builds connected, resilient and resourceful communities!

Find a Good Karma Network near you

Find a Good Karma Network near you

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