About Us

Collaborative community development through compassionate human connection.

The Good Karma Effect is an organisation that supports Good Karma Networks around Australia to create opportunities for positive human connection.

We have designed a unique model for online engagement that facilitates meaningful connections and builds trust between strangers. Connection through the Good Karma Effect creates a vast network that supports humans to help each other and also to amplify our impact, as individuals and as a collective.

About the Good Karma Effect

Connection and collaboration through the Good Karma Effect facilitates:

How Can Good Karma Networks Help?

Unique Online Communities

Our Values


Supporting others in times of challenge

Compassion & Empathy

Everyone is struggling with something. Gaining understanding provides insight, reduces conflict and offers opportunities.


A simple way for everyone to have a better day.

Empowerment & Action

Everyone has the power to make a difference. You just have to decide to.
“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can” - Arthur Ash The key is just to start.

Unity & Inclusion

Everyone is different. Everyone is important. Everyone has something to offer.


Open minds can discover other opportunities and solutions that exist outside of our own knowledge and experience.

Our Team

Amy Churchouse

Nerina Papanastasiou

Courtney Dorward

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