The Potential
of Human Connection

The Good Karma Effect is a registered charity that supports the establishment and maintenance of Good Karma Networks (GKNs). These networks are location based, safe, online communities for neighbours to connect, share resources and find positive solutions to each other’s challenges. GKNs empower connected, healthy and sustainable communities.

how do GKN members feel?

Inspired - My GKN is a little ray of sunshine in my day to see so many wonderful people generously offering help to their community.

Valued - Because you can see the positive impact your offers of assistance and guidance provide for others.

Uplifted - It's an optimistic, caring community making a positive contribution in a world that can feel overwhelmingly dark at times.

Grateful - Because it demonstrates how wonderful people can be. The generosity of people's information, time, items, and hearts is amazing. It also promotes the idea of sharing, contribution , kindness, caring and community.

Involved - I'm quite introverted so it's hard for me to meet my neighbours but my GKN has helped me feel a part of the community

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Stories from our Good Karma Networks

2 Feb
Do you want help reducing your impact on the environment? Ask your Good Karma Network!
There are so many ways that your community can help you when you connect with them. This member needed help to compost their green waste and together a great solution was found.
2 Feb
Lending a spare hand to a hand therapist.
When a hand therapist needs an extra hand where does he go - his local Good Karma Network.
2 Feb
An opportunity for connected mindfulness in the wake of global change
Reaching out on a Good Karma Network helps in so many ways. For us and for others. One of our members found many options when looking for ways to support a friend in this time of great challenge we have recently experienced due to COVID-19.
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