The Potential
of Human Connection

The Good Karma Effect is a registered charity that supports the establishment and maintenance of Good Karma Networks (GKNs). These networks are location based, safe, online communities for neighbours to connect, share resources and find positive solutions to each other’s challenges. GKNs empower connected, healthy and sustainable communities.

how do GKN members feel?

Inspired - My GKN is a little ray of sunshine in my day to see so many wonderful people generously offering help to their community.

Valued - Because you can see the positive impact your offers of assistance and guidance provide for others.

Uplifted - It's an optimistic, caring community making a positive contribution in a world that can feel overwhelmingly dark at times.

Grateful - Because it demonstrates how wonderful people can be. The generosity of people's information, time, items, and hearts is amazing. It also promotes the idea of sharing, contribution , kindness, caring and community.

Involved - I'm quite introverted so it's hard for me to meet my neighbours but my GKN has helped me feel a part of the community

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Stories from our Good Karma Networks

2 Feb
Tara shares how GKNs can help people who aren't members.
When a young neighbour needed some food Tara found asked her Good Karma Network for help, with surprising results. People reached out with all sorts of offers and everyone felt great.
2 Feb
Tracey brings people together on Christmas Day using her Good Karma Network
When Tracey was facing Christmas alone in Kensington, she decided to invite others from her Good Karma Network to a local park, and found these strangers were just friends she hadn't met yet.
3 Jul
Curtis reconnects with his childhood passion through his GKN and finds himself with a new career.
Curtis was struggling and needed to bring some positivity to his life and he reached out to his Good Karma Network for help. Not only did he reconnect with his passion for woodworking but he also connected with others in the community.
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