The foundations of the good karma effect…

Collaborative problem solving

Working together with a common goal of finding the best solutions possible for all parties involved. This recognises that all contributions are valuable and must be considered to see how they may benefit the process and accelerate the progress. All contributions are made freely and with no expectation of a potential outcome in order to allow the best outcome to be realised.

Empowerment & Action

When we are empowered and take responsibility for our communities, environment and actions, we can realise the opportunity we have to take control and make positive change.

Taking action creates progress. Merely starting a conversation is enough to get the ball rolling…and rolling balls gain momentum. Every success begins with the decision to try.


Being open-minded offers huge opportunities for finding solutions, learning and innovation. There are many ways to approach problems we face. Imagine the possibilities if you asked everyone for their solutions…

Compassion & Empathy

Everyone is struggling with something. Considering the experience of someone else helps us to understand their position and why they may have interacted in a particular way. This is often enlightening and helpful to consider before engaging with them. Compassionate interactions offer respect and always result in more positive outcomes.


Everyone has a better time when things are approached with positivity. And it makes us smile. We all need more of that. 

Unity & inclusion

Together we will all benefit from the individual contributions of those we share our communities with as they all come from a perspective that each of us can not even imagine. Everyone is different. Everyone is important. Everyone has something to offer.


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