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Good Karma Network Introduction

Thank you for your interest in starting a Good Karma Network for your community.

The Good Karma Network (GKN) initiative was started in April 2016, with the intention of enabling individuals to ask for help from those within their community and inspiring others to be able to provide the assistance required.

The main driver behind the creation of the GKNs is recognition of the fact that at time everyone is struggling with something, and that we all also have many things to offer. The networks create the opportunity for ‘needs’ to be met by ‘haves’ within a community, making lives easier, better and happier. The GKNs provide your community with the opportunity to work together to find solutions to challenges, and the model is designed to ensure that solutions are focused on rather than problems, everything offered is done so with no expectation of anything in return, and that no negativity is acceptable.

The networks are designed to remain as helpful, positive and relevant to ALL members of your network as possible, and maintaining access as well as a safe and supportive environment for everyone, regardless of their demographic, is the number one priority.


The values for the Good Karma Networks are openness, compassion and empathy, collaborative problem solving, unity and inclusion, positivity, empowerment and action.



  • To seek positive outcomes for all parties involved, all problems tackled and all projects initiated.
  • To give people the opportunity, confidence and permission to ask for help with the challenges that they face in any area of their lives, whether it be home, work, or their community.
  • To provide the opportunity for people to offer their assistance, knowledge, skills or resources in response to others requests for help, with no expectation of anything in return.
  • To inspire people to work together to find solutions to the problems we are facing within our communities and to take action to actually create positive change.
  • To collectively find ways that we can reduce the resources that we require to run our lives, and reduce our impact on the planet.
  • To encourage openness, positivity, inclusivity and compassion within the community.
  • To break down barriers to connection and create a safer and more trusting community.
  • To empower people to take action on things they feel passionate about with the support of their community.


Administrator role description

The GKN model has been designed to maximise opportunities for your members and minimise the administration required by you. GKNs are designed to empower your members to take ownership and responsibility for the group and uphold the values and intentions. However, the model requires your commitment to grow it and regular input to help your members to understand and embrace the culture.

Our job as administrators is to establish and maintain the GKN culture that facilitates the amazing outcomes that are possible when a community is connected and focused on solving problems together. Other responsibilities are managing membership and ensuring members added are aware of the ethos and guidelines for interacting within the group, gently guiding the group, encouraging engagement by suggesting ways to use the group and responding to people’s requests, and reminding the members of the guidelines and intentions, as required, to maintain the integrity of the group. Good leadership will minimise the challenges you experience as an administrator.

As an authorised Good Karma Network administrator, you will gain access to all resources and support that the Good Karma Effect has available and be added to the Good Karma Network founders group for collaborative problem solving. Support provided by the Good Karma Effect is intended to make the task of administering a GKN as smooth and challenge free as possible.


Prior to starting a Good Karma Network, it is important to consider:

  • How long you intend to remain living in the suburb/area?
  • Do you have people who you can work with as co-administrators? If not, how would you find some? This is ideal for management, safety and the future success of your Good Karma Network.
  • Are you confident to and interested in finding ways to connect with different groups of people within your community in order to make a GKN accessible to them?
  • How are people already connecting and what other networks exist in your area? This is important to consider for reaching all parts of your community in order to make your network the best problem solving tool it can be.

Please contact me for the next steps toward starting your Good Karma Network if you decide that this is a commitment you would like to take on. It is not one to take on lightly, however is very rewarding when you are successful at facilitating the connections within your community which help make people’s lives easier.


Kind regards,
Amy Churchouse
Good Karma Effect


NB: By deciding to start a Good Karma Network Facebook group authorised by the Good Karma Effect you agree to follow the guidelines provided by the Good Karma Effect and use all documentation and resources provided by the Good Karma Effect, unless otherwise negotiated in writing.

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